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John, do you have a copy of the agenda for this afternoon's meeting?
Yes. I have it here. I was just looking at it.

What time is the meeting - language points

It - The little word with so many uses.

The word 'it' is used to refer to a word previously mentioned in order to avoid repetition of that word.  

The day was full of surprises. It had started like any other.   It = the day

I find maths really difficult. It's a complete mystery to me.    It = maths

I have lost my wallet. If you find it, please let me know.    It = my wallet


The word 'it' can also be used to anticipate a word mentioned later in the sentence.

It's great to see you. (To see you is great.)   It = to see you

It's fun playing guitar. (To play the guitar is fun.)   It = playing guitar 

It's difficult to know what to do. (What to do is difficult to know.)   It = to know what to do 


The word 'it' is used as a 'dummy' subject when talking about weather, time, distance and cost. 

It's raining.

It's time to go home. 

It's past midnight.

It's 4 miles away.