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Learn English conversation
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Hi John, I'm glad you could make it.
It was no problem. My boss has given me an hour off but I have to make it up some time.

A new laptop - part 2 - language points



Out of the question:   Impossible, inconceivable

A cruise is out of the question. We just can't afford it.

A rise is out of the question. The company is not doing well enough.

Friday is not out of the question. I will have to check with my wife though.


No problem:  It does not cause a problem.  It is not a problem.  

Can you give me a hand please? Sure, no problem.

I'll come over now if you are sure it is no problem.

Can I leave this with you? Yes, no problem.


To have an open mind:  To be receptive to new ideas.

The company is very open-minded about working practices.

I'm not sure about Windows 8, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

I have not tried Thai food before but I will keep an open mind.