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Hi Jane!
Oh hi Richard. What are you doing in town?

Meeting at the cinema - language points

Prepositions IN, ON and AT

The prepositions IN, ON and AT are used for time and place. 



In the morning / the afternoon / the evening       (During)

In a few days /  two weeks / a month

In town / the market / school / class / the restaurant     (Inside) 



On Monday / Tuesday / weekends / the weekend / your birthday / the 5th of March / St Patrick's day / Christmas day

On Friday afternoon / Monday morning

On time    (Punctual)


AT:  (More specific)

At seven o'clock / ten / midday / midnight / the end of July / the start of the week

At  the cinema / the restaurant / John's house

At the bus stop / the station / work / Jane's party

At Christmas / Easter