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Learn English conversation
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Hi John, it's nice to see you. How are you doing?
I'm doing fine, thanks.

Chat 2 - language points

Phrasal verb: to come over


Indicates movement - travelling from one location to another. The word 'over' gives emphasis to the journey to be travelled.


Can you come over and give me some help with my homework?  Can you travel to my house...?

Come over here and look at this.  Walk to where I am and look at something.


To sound


It sounds like a good idea. The word 'sound' has the meaning

of 'seem' or 'appear' when used this way.


To have just + past participle


I have just started a new job.   I very recently started a new job. 

I have just seen John in town.   I saw John very recently in town.

She has just finished her book.   She has very recently finished her book.

I have just thought of something.   I thought of something very recently.

I have just had an idea.   I had an idea very recently.