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Learn English conversation
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There are so many models to choose from here at PC World.
You need to keep focused. Many of these models are way out of your price range.

A new laptop - part 3 - language points

Neither nor - either or


Neither = not either  

I don't like tea.  Neither do I. or  Nor do I.   

I don't like tea.  Me neither.  or  Nor me.   (More relaxed, informal speech).


Neither John nor I can swim. Neither of us can swim.  (Negative)

Either John or I can fetch the takeaway. Either of us can fetch the takeaway.  (Positive)




Draw the line:  Set a limit or boundary.

I must draw the line at your behaviour. It is unacceptable.

I don't mind cooking one or twice a week but I draw the line at every day.

Environmental considerations are important but we need energy so where do you draw the line? 


Check out:  Informal way of saying 'to look at' or 'investigate'.

Hey, check out that car! It looks amazing. 

Let's check out that new Japanese restaurant.