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What do you do in your free time?
In my free time, I like to read, play guitar, sing and go to a gymnasium.

Interview 3 - language points

 Answering questions


Do you like science fiction books?  A question using 'do' or 'does'.


Yes, I do. 

Yes, I (do) like science fiction books.  The word 'do' is not normally

used, but can be used for emphasis. If used, it must be stressed.


No, I don't. 

No, I don't like science fiction books.

The word 'do' or 'does' is required for negative answers.


Are you married?  A question using the verb 'to be'.  'Do' and 'does' are

not used with the verb 'to be'The subject and verb change places. 


Yes, I am.  You can't say:  Yes, I'm.

Yes, I am married.  /  Yes, I'm married.


No, I am not. /  No, I'm not. 

No, I am not married. /  No, I'm not married.