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Learn English conversation
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(At) what time do you usually get up?
I usually get up at seven o'clock.

Interview 2 - language points

 Asking about times


(At) what time...? 

The word 'at' is often omitted from the question in normal speech.


I get up at seven o'clock. /  I get up at seven. 


I arrive home at five forty-five. / I arrive home at a quarter to six.



Questions using the verb to be


'Do' and 'does' are not used when forming questions with the

verb 'to be - is, are, was, were'.  Questions are formed by 

changing the position of the verb and subject.


Statement Question
You are married. Are you married?
It is raining. Is it raining?
You are 24 years old. How old are you?